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Mason Jar French Press


Portland, Oregon, has long been famous for its DIY culture and fussy foodies. Bucket, a Portland-based design firm founded by Bryan Kappa and Rob Story, has found the perfect synthesis of Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Etsy with the Portland Press, a clever French Press that attaches to an every day mason jar. Bucket devised the spout, press, and felt cozie. The rest is nothing you won't find in Aunt Ida's basement. Provided you haven't raided it already for your pickling projects, you hippie. Click through the slideshow for a look at the product and more from the Bucket boys.

"The story about french presses always breaking and then you're without a coffee maker, is something that we'd really...
Bucket is currently trying to get funding for the Portland Press on the site Crowd Supply.
Unlike other French presses, whose coffee cools quickly, the wool cozie on the Portland Press ensures another layer of...
"Some of the manufacturers who we're working with include Portland Stamping & Manufacturing, Spooltown, Creekside Fiber...