Collection by Ralston O'Neill

Marimekko Designs by Erja Hirvi


Check out more designs by Marimekko designer Erja Hirvi who designed the winning pattern Lumimarja in the Dwell and Marimekko Contest! We delve further into Erja's inspiration in this Q+A, but click through the slideshow for a look at five of her fabrics.

Inspired by nature, this design still highlights the vibrant colors that are characteristic of Marimekko.
The winning Luminarja design in another color pattern.
The Kumina design was also featured in the Dwell and Marimekko Contest, though not in this blue colorway.
Hirvi's natural inspirations are clear in the floral motif of the Kissanminttu fabric.
We featured this pattern in our makeover of a small space on The Nate Berkus Show this past October.