Collection by Marianne Colahan

Made in America: Simple and Functional Products from Philadelphia


Founded in 2011 by Robert True Ogden, Philadelphia-based company Lostine bases its products on the principle that utilitarian objects can be both functional and attractive. Lostine’s products span small accessories and statement furniture pieces, all founded in their simplicity and elevated by unexpected design details.

The Brandywine furniture series marries simple, functional silhouettes with a thoughtful play of materials.
The Bloak Decorative Ladders marry the classic silhouette of a ladder with distinctive details.
The Wire Potato Baskets are inspired by old potato farming baskets, matching the silhouette, sturdiness, and functional...
The Salt and Pepper Mills can be used with rock salt and peppercorns, and feature a non-corrosive grinding mechanism,...
The Edmund Light presents an elegant play of materials with industrial details.
The Market Shelves blend rustic charm, thoughtful features, and modern details.
The Fairmont Mirrors represent the perfect blend of rusticity and elegance.
The Gordon Stools marry a simple, functional silhouette with a thoughtful play of materials.