MA! Architecture Tour Atlanta.


Since 2007, Atlanta Design Festival has presented a series of architecture tours providing exclusive access to the best residential, commercial and contract design in the city, and introducing the latest trends in sustainable materials, architectural systems, and interior design to a captive audience of decision-makers and general public. The Athens, Georgia architecture tour will raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

June 3, 2017 – Asheville, North Carolina
June 4, 2017 – Athens, Georgia

June 10-11, 2017 – Atlanta, Georgia

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Hardendorf is a new construction on an infill lot in the Lake Claire neighbourhood of Atlanta. The design explores transparency in architecture through the...
Leedle-Flood Residence
For Leedle-Flood, the homeowners wished to add a modern addition to their early 20th century craftsman bungalow. The house was increased from 1573 to 2635...
Nejad Residence
Nejad is located in an intern neighborhood, which means the houses are fairly close to one another. This site was unique, in that the rear property line was...
880 Kings Court
880 Kings Court has recently been completed and is located in the Virginia Highlands neighbourhood. The idea for the house is to create a masonry “frame” that...
House 5079
5079 conveys a clean, minimalist concept while embracing the simplicity of block forms in an innovative fashion.
River Valley
River Valley is a modern home that transitions seamlessly into a mature, traditional Atlanta neighbourhood. This home sits on a one-acre, heavily wooded lot.
Berkshire is a three level single-family dwelling comprised of 6,150 square feet of enclosed space, located in one of Atlanta’s first suburban...
The Lowery
Lowery is a recently renovated Mid Century Modern home orginally owned by music legend Bill Lowery. In the early 1950s, Lowery was the top country music disc...
A natural wooded lot in Collier Hills, Overbook is a Beltline Mid-Century featuring over 2,336 square-foot of living space as well as a detached garage...
Rock Springs
A clean, modern, infill.
Neolith Tiny House
The Neolith Tiny House, designed as an experiential home, shows the possibilities of the surfacing material in a variety of applications, including the facade,...
Spring Valley
Spring Valley is a custom modern design inspired by the owners’ love of cantilevers, angles and levels. These features are explored in architecture through...
908 Kings Court
908 Kings Court is Cubist modern architecture located in the heart of Morningside. Shops and Restaurants are just a short walk away.
Kaufman is a conditioned renovated space with an extension for an active family of four. The Kaufman’s, a young and active family of four who have been...
Mifflin Hood
Mifflin Hood, BLDG's renovation of a 100 year old brick building that formerly was the headquarters and showroom of the B. Mifflin Hood Brick Company recently...
Bryant Residence
Bryant sits on a previously developed lot, which had a home circa 1970’s in precarious conditions. Through a series of value engineering meetings, and long...
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