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Lukas Scherrer's Custom Bassinet


I'm always a fan of good DIY design, but Lukas Scherrer, the mastermind behind the San Francisco industrial design firm Shibuleru, has taken it to a new level. Check out this incredible bassinet he designed for his new daughter and created with the help of his wife. Never one to accept what's off the shelf, Scherrer has devised a hardy nest for his little one, and considering the bassinet's specifications and construction, it might just outlive her. Watch the slideshow and read along as he takes us through the process.

"A newborn comes with one difficult issue: a baby needs some things. Not many but some. Like a place to sleep.
"We designed the Bassinet so it has a warm, yet precise and technical feel.
"The construction follows the main form and is made from a frame that is the base for a weave.
"We found a race car shop that can handle stainless steel really well. They welded up the base perfectly.
"We calculated that we need at least 1,600 feet of rope for the weave and our calculation was pretty precise.
"The frame material and welding cost around $450; custom rope around $600; Ecobaby mattress another $200-300.

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