Collection by Marianne Colahan

Lovely Games and Tools Made for Architecture Lovers


French company Cinqpoints is dedicated to spreading modern architecture to the public. The company’s series of architecture-focused games and stationery is defined by its graphic look, attention to detail, and minimalist style. Check out four of Cinqpoints products here, which are new arrivals to the Dwell Store.

Archifold is a series of sheets of origami paper that are set in a modern black and white palette.
A cluster of black and white houses gives a view of the possible origami creations from the Archifold Architectural...
The Archimetric Notebook and Drawing Tool Set is an elegant notebook designed for architects, designers, or anyone who...
A view of the interior pages of the Archimetric Notebook, showing one of the drafting tools.
The Home 3D Puzzle is an innovative puzzle with 17 finely crafted pieces.
A living room furniture scene shows the possible iterations of the Home 3D Architectural Puzzle.
The Iconic Architecture Card Game is a set of cards that feature the greatest modern architectural icons that are...