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Lincoln Customer Experience


In preparation for the launch of Lincoln in China, Ford Motor Company approached Eight Inc. to help develop a new customer experience for the premium brand. Ford originally asked Eight Inc. to propose a new design for a 4S dealership – the traditional dealership model in China. But as we began to better understand the challenges of 4S dealerships and the frustrations Chinese customers have with them, we proposed a new Lincoln Ecosystem instead – a strategic approach to increase visibility and access to our customers. Experience flows for each of the ecosystem components – Lincoln House, Mk. Shop, Star Lounge and Concours (4S dealership) – were developed, along with the Lincoln Team and “Lincoln Touch” to support these experiences. Rooted in the notion of great residential hospitality and a “one size fits one” approach, the Lincoln experience will be a completely new automobile experience – one that is personally crafted and distinct through a human and accessible approach.

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