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60+ Modern Lighting Solutions


No need to be lost in the dark when it comes to contemporary lighting. From futuristic designs to iconic silhouettes you'd recognize anywhere, these fixtures instantly make any space brighter.

10 First Steps to Follow When Planning the Perfect Lighting For Your Home
Properly lighting your home may seem like a no-brainer, but once you start laying out the particulars—budget, style, function,...
The Deadstock Catherine Table Lamp from Castor is a stunning example of the possibilities of mixing materials.
The glowing anemone-like lamp is from Vinçon in Barcelona.
Knot pendant lamp by KiBiSi. Designed in 2005. Limited Edition.
A vintage wood lamp and turned bowl stands next to the bed.
Nir Meiri's 19 Pots Ceiling Lamp is made of discarded vessels.
The manufacturer advises to keep magnet-sensitive items like credit cards at least an inch away from the magnets.
A Batons chandelier from LBL Lighting hangs over the dining table.