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Light up: Inspiring lighting solutions for every room


When decorating your home, it’s essential that you pay attention to your lighting choices. This particular aspect of home décor can easily slip your mind, even though it can make a huge difference between an eye straining, cold environment and a comfortably cozy personal space. Moreover, the same lighting rules don’t apply for every room in your home. In order to create a warm, soothing yet perfectly lit atmosphere, you need to master the balance of task, ambient and accent lighting.

Different types of lighting

As mentioned, you have the option to mix and match task, ambient and accent lighting in your home. In general, ambient lighting includes the main source of lighting for a particular room. This can be a chandelier or a wall lamp. Task lighting options include desk and floor lamps, as well as lighting strips that actually provide enough brightness for a specific task, such as reading and writing or even cooking. Finally, accent lighting includes light sources that are used as an accent piece in one’s home. Their true purpose is to add a bit of a personal and interesting touch to your rooms for a more stylish effect.

Living room lights

When it comes to your living room, it all comes down to what activities you reserve for this particular room in your home. In general, a chandelier is an essential part of this space. If you don’t have extra space for accent lighting, you can easily combine an ambient lighting source (a chandelier) with accent details. For instance, at , you can find a bunch of exceptional craft ideas including very unique DIYs for your chandelier and lamp covers. Then again, you can always play with the position of your wall lights in order to create an interesting shadow effect. If you have your reading nook fused with your living room, you shouldn’t forget about task lighting essentials, such as a desk or a floor lamp. However, if you have a spacious living room, floor lamps can become an accent piece of their own.

Bedroom lights

The bedroom is a bit of a different story. In general, a ceiling light is not a necessity when the bedroom is concerned. A more comfortable and pleasant solution would be wall lamps. Also, while dimmer switches are a great addition in every room in one’s home, the bedroom should be the one room that definitely has these installed. That way, you’ll be able to adjust the brightness level, so that you don’t disrupt your sleep routine. Task lights such as a desk lamp for reading in your bed and floor lamps near your wardrobe will make this room more functional. However, if you’re willing to invest in lighting solutions, different types of mood lighting could help you relax and drift off to dreamland more effectively.

Kitchen lights

The kitchen is not a difficult room to light properly. Basically, the perfect ambient lighting solution in this case would be a ceiling fan light, just like the ones you can find at . Ceiling fans are perfect for kitchens, since they keep you cool and light the room accordingly. However, every kitchen needs proper task lights as well. LED light strips are usually the best option in this case, since you can attach them to any surface you want. Depending on your kitchen layout, you’d be able to add a source of light wherever you spend the most time cooking or doing meal prep.

Bathroom lights

In general, bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side compared to the other rooms in one’s home. However, even if your bathroom isn’t that small, bulky and overly prominent lighting solutions simply don’t go well with the whole aesthetics of this room in particular. In that respect, recessed lights are the best solution in this case. However, low ceiling light fixtures are also acceptable. Such a lighting arrangement gives you the freedom to organize your bathroom more efficiently, as well as introduce some accent lights, such as scented candles that will help you relax during your “alone” time in the bathroom.
Lighting décor is getting more popular when interior design trends are concerned. That being said, there are plenty of options available on the market as well as DIY ideas that will help you customize your home from floor to ceiling in an entirely personal manner. If your goal is to have your home reflect your own style and make you feel comfy and happy, take the time to look into lighting solutions that actually match your tastes.