Collection by Alexander George

LED Suspension Light for Illuminating Large Areas


If the name Jake Dyson sounds familiar, he’s the son of the famous James Dyson, of vacuum cleaner and hand-dryer fame. Jake, however, made a name for himself with the CSYS desk lamp with a bulb built to last for 50 years. The same ingenious heat-diffusion technology in the CSYS shows up in the Ariel lights, which are designed to illuminate large areas like a kitchen table or workbench.

The 66-watt LEDs in the Ariel lights are rated to last for up to 13 years with continuous use.
The light comes from a concentration of LEDs in the middle of the unit, which diffuse evenly across the surface below.
The cooling structure is made of extruded aluminum, stamped aluminum fins, and copper heat pipes.
The engineering behind the housing was taken from technology used on satellites.

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