LAX collection


1957. The Hotel Nacional de Cuba. An entire room filled with the scent of hand-rolled Havana cigars. Shining amber rum. On hotel letterhead, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe drafts the world-famous blueprint for the headquarters of the Bacardi distillery. Capturing this iconographic moment is the starting point for our LAX collection. A declaration of love to Cuba, to sophisticated hotel amenities of the 50s and the unwavering search for clarity and spatial freedom.

LAX sideboard Can make things disappear, or simply present beautiful things with confidence.
Actually, our writing desk is a question, dressed in the garment of a radical, beautifully reduced piece of furniture:...
All that glitters ain't gold. We love the feeling that brass evokes and have included the material in our collection.
LAX console table, steel frame anthracite lacquered, tabletop made of walnut Design: Gil Coste Photo and Styling:...
The LAX console wants for nothing, apart from some material that we have milled out of the solid walnut board.
LAX collection from more Design: Gil Coste Foto and Styling: Peter...
LAX collection from more, LAX table, Design: Gil Coste PEC chair, Design: Bernhard Müller Photo and Styling: Peter...

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