Collection by Andrea Smith

Lap Pools Around the World


Get your goggles, kickboard, and flippers ready, we're going swimming!

Competitive swimmer Sydne Didier commissioned Austin Design Inc.
The back patio overlooks a swath of forest.
Sophie and Colin enjoy their new pool, the only non-solar-powered portion of their home in Venice, California, created...
One of the most significant architectural developments within Tagliabue’s property...
Though the front of this 1880s home in Adelaide, Australia, maintains a traditional facade due to strict heritage laws,...
After months spent researching solutions to make her home’s fabric roof functional, Lisa Sette can finally relax.
Day takes a swim in a new lap pool framed by a lush Southern California garden.
Having earned the homeowners' trust working on retail projects for their cosmetics company, designer Greg Natale...
A 40 foot by 10 foot pool is designed to echo the house’s tower with an almost reflection-like alignment.
In Sweden, architect Bengt Mattias Carlsson created a pavilion adjacent to a residence dating from the late 1800s.
Even the pool is the result of mixed influences: Andrew wanted a series of shallow, gently sloping hangout zones; his...
The pool juts out perpendicularly from the main house; the land was bulldozed to become level with the concrete pavers.
It’s hard to believe that this idyllic house sited in a coastal coconut grove in Nandgaon, India, is a mere hour’s...
A view over the lap pool and roof deck, which provides a respite for the couple, shows the dense beachside neighborhood.
The decking on the rooftop is Burmese teak and the colorful Picot pouffes are by Paola Lenti.