Collection by Jean Pierre Heim

Jean-Pierre Heim Suggests Notre Dame Cathedral Reconstruction Design


Notre Dame de Paris... A total destruction a huge shock that demonstrates the strength of the Christian roots of our culture well anchored in the collective unconscious, the fear of a loss of memory....
It must also be the opportunity of renewal, of an access to a new field combining continuity and renewal. A revival of technology in the service of a life longevity that can protect this great work for centuries and centuries! Violet the Duc had innovated the cathedral at this time, following his architecture design.

A rupture and a vision that will be part of the continuity and respect of this world treasure, belonging to all of us, and that pushes men to create to recreate a perennial identity and take note in history.

Does Notre Dame reconstruction have the same recognition by others? To innovate in the respect of tradition this is now great debate between our architects of France, and of the world.

Do we still have to sacrifice forests? Let's use a material from the future to give it even more exposure and light. Will you refuse this progress to our cathedral? The lose with fire destruction has its risks and peril of innovation with materials and structures?

I am choosing for the second solution.

A Cathedral with proportions of yesterday with a neo Gothic style, flamboyant? silhouette and unchanged spire proportion as it is and will remain Notre Dame of Paris, of France and of the whole world.

I asked for advice from an expert in sacred geometry Philippe blot Lefèvre. The middle ages endure thanks to revisited by the grace of transparent materials, light but resistant to time, everyone will love to see how our Notre Dame has recruited more beautiful, but more accessible, more conducive to sharing and universal communion.

Let it become a symbol of the renewal of our core values. And encourages our companions and artisans to combine the extraordinary knowledge of the “Art de Vivre”and companionship with the materials of the future, by keeping precious knowledge to all.

-The hands crossed in prayer with open fingers will be represented by a sculpture in titanium metal indefectible and durable uninflammable that replace "the forest " of this legendary roof.

-Sculptures miraculously spared in the course of renovations again loyal to their posts, a curve of the roof leading to the twisted spire.

-Titanium elements with the arrow for the top composed of light metal the micro lattice in the process of experimentation the strongest and lightest metal in the world, the material of the future.

-On the top of the spire will shine again the Rooster saved from the ashes


The "memory" will be contained in a glass tube sheltering the DNA, reminiscent of our genes and human history, such as an endless spiral staircase that rises to the sky. A holographic representation as an eternal flame of mankind.

-In the center of the heart of the nave and the transept collapsed, a memory will be kept for this gaping hole. A new skylight a well of natural light, a well of vital and colorful energy designed as Neo Gothic Art glass.

-In the heart of the vault under the roof four glass Rainbow will be structurally led to the spire. some part of the roof will be in glass.

A terrace now sealed in concrete will be done to reinforce the peripheral solidity of the roof.

-The Interior will remain the same favoring meditation, prayer and spirituality.

Project of guiding lines for the renovation of the NOTRE DAME de Paris Cathedral.


Since the dawn of time, civilizations have built temples in the name of beliefs that guide their culture. Led by Bernard de Clairvaux, the Christianized Westerners of the high-middle ages built massive churches and decorated with symbols of electro-magnetic energies. Earth is the center of the world. Western humanity believes in egocentrism.

Galileo pays for his life the affirmation of a world in which the Sun would be the Centre, while religious authority diffuses a geocentric culture formed on two axes in the Latin cross: horizontality represents matter, verticality represents the spirit. At the crossroads of these guiding axes that characterizes our Lady of Paris: God.

The idea of opposing material and spirit was based on the impossibility of quadrature of the circle, now reversed by science.

For a century, Einstein and his friends, astrophysicists or neuroscientists have taught us by working in the infinitely large and infinitely small, that the mind and the matter do not oppose but are the elements of the same energy spectrum and wave. The collective thinking of the 21st century is thus evolving from a culture where each one marked its difference in the opposition and self-affirmation, the resource and the sharing-enriching and virtuous-of individual complementarities.

The architectural proposal of Jean-Pierre HEIM is based on the paths and proportions of sacred geometry inscribed in the original plans of the Cathedral and the buildings that precedes it, contributing to its planetary influence.

The aim is to make people understand, accept and share the idea that mankind is now invited to come together and to learn to appreciate the individual differences smoothly and oppositions, in order to organise themselves-in transparency-in societies respectful of themselves on Earth. We will not forget in this respect that our atoms, those who make up our bodies, are those of the Earth that has made us born and still feeds us.

Thus, the "ship" (horizontal cross = duality of matter/spirit) is no longer only at right angles (horizontal + vertical) to give rise to the arrow (verticality = spirituality), but relies on a curve for matter and spirit to be are organized in continuity with each other.

Among neuroscience, epigenetics teaches us that our thoughts influence the evolution of our own genes and our DNA. As the expert in sacred geometry, Philippe Blot-Lefevre, says that "form is the medium of meaning" (as a raison d'être), it is therefore only one step ahead ; and used by the cathedral builders.

We propose a twisted spire (energy) and translucent glass within is contained a form as a hologram, the shape of the DNA.

The recently deposited statues are visible from inside the building.

The ancient "forest" consists of arches arranged in joined hands, such as a "prayer of the hands" for the harmony of men and Earth.

At the ship's level, Roses (rosettes) are the expression of numbers 4 (the Earth), 5 (intelligent man) and 6 (the spiritual man for whom the subatomic and interstellar worlds are homothetic).

From the arrow, the Roses count 7 lobes (the man guided by his spirituality), 8 (the holiness of the servant man and the great insiders, among whom Buddha and Jesus) and finally, at the top, the 9th (route Director in Enneagram of the chalice-Grail) to carry the Rooster found from the Cathedral.