Collection by Jose Manuel Escalera


A Compact Three-Story Brick Loft in San Francisco
Making the most of vertical space unleashes the potential of a petite San Francisco project.
The sitting area and office are on the second floor, reached via the catwalk.
The dining room features 1970s leather-and-brass dining chairs and a table concocted from a brass-and-silver base and a...
Owen also constructed this teak workbench and desk himself.
The kitchen is Owen’s favorite room thanks to its ample sunlight light: about 60 linear feet of floor-to-ceiling...
They restored small alcoves to rooms including the office (shown here) and living room and worked carefully with the...
One of the few designer pieces in the home, a set of four Michael Thonet coffee house...
A no-fuss sensibility permeates the house.
The Ogrodnik/Bardin family enjoy the pleasures of family life in the kitchen.
A massive slab of cypress perched atop sawhorses provides storage for pots and utensils.
The dining room table sits at one end of the main room, with an open view onto the rows of trees that extend out from...
The kitchen and lofted guest bedroom take cues from urban living—including an apartment-size Summit refrigerator.
An Eames Storage Unit helps to define distinct living and dining spaces.
The Vladimir Lenin prints were a gift from Drew’s father, also a graphic designer, and reflect their shared love of...
Graphic designers Ned Drew and Brenda McManus have made their renovated Manhattan apartment a showcase for their...
Muuto Stacked Shelving creates a flexible and playful display area.
The library features a Muuto Oslo Sofa and Lassen Saxe Chairs.
By acting as both the designer and general contractor, MARK+VIVI was able to complete the renovation for just $150 per...

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