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The defining feature of this lakeside cabin in northern Idaho is a 30-by-20-foot window wall that opens the living area...
The firm's 2006 monograph "Tom Kundig: Houses" was an instant critical and commercial success.
Olson Kundig designed the Rolling Huts in Mazama, Washington, for a client who needed space to house visiting friends...
Designed in 1968 for a former U.S. ambassador to Iceland, the Earth House in Longbranch, Washington, was inspired by...
Two hiking trails lead to the Lunder Center at Stone Hill which was designed by Tadao Ando in 2008.
By lowering the custom Murphy bed and rolling a sliding plywood door, Novak-Zemplinski creates an insta-guestroom.
A frosted-glass partition separates the living spaces.
The Brain is a 14,280 cubic-foot cinematic laboratory where the client, a filmmaker, can work out ideas.
Located off of the kitchen, Vivi’s office disappears behind sliding walls covered in black chalkboard paint from Behr.
“We talked about creating a sense of mystery when [guests] walked in from the street,” says Christopher.
Abbes and Davison removed drywall to expose the brick on one wall in the living room.