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Graphic drawings, sketches, paintings, and renderings

For sellers that are looking for every advantage in marketing their homes, staging has become a necessity, and more...
A 18 by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. Image courtesy the Museum of Modern Art.
Max Bill's 1928 watercolor Der Eilbote is one of the works of art in the exhibitions that dates to the original school.
I loved this early sketch for the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Imagine if it were pink!
Chris wanted to make sure that they would still be functional, so they came up with simple formulas that guided the...
The working color palettes are hues of pinks but Campbell is musing about introducing blues and indigos.
Towards a New Architecture by Le Corbusier (Martino Fine Books, 2014).
Eileen Gray: The Private Painter, Courtesy of Osborne Samuel.
Architecture render by Srđan...
Dordoni's design for Buds was inspired by blossoms, petals, fruit, and other shapes found in nature.
“Technical products like hi-fi fit more easily into all kinds of surroundings than those old furniture look-alike...
Yale University student Michael Miller reimagined Sint Lucas under the guise of an OMA-style drawing (with Alex Wall).
FAT’s Hoogvliet Heerlijkheid via David Hockney, drawn by Yale student Kara Biczykowski.
Spread from "Goods 2 - Interior Products from Sketch to Use" by Frame...