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iGrill Bluetooth-Enabled Meat Thermometer


Smart cooking accessories replace clunky kitchen timers and add precision to processes like baking and roasting. iGrill’s line of devices link meat probes to Bluetooth to monitor and notify when the ideal temperature has been hit, which means you’re free from hovering over the flames and imprecisely prodding steaks with your fingers. Available online, $99.

Plug the iGrill2’s meat probes into a steak, and once a sirloin hits a medium-rare 130 degrees inside, the device will...
The iGrill2 connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and has a range of 150 feet.
The iGrill2 comes with two meat probes with extras available for $20 each.
If you buy extras, one hub can handle up to four probes simultaneously.
Each can be linked to different meats, so it can be set for both a chicken breast and a pork chop and notify...

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