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Sconce and wall mounted...
The original home’s second floor had three bedrooms with flat ceilings.
This attic/top floor flat serves as a photo, branding and textile design studio for the lifestyle blogger and designer...
The living area bathed with natural light both from the ceiling to floor glass walls and the void from the second floor...
The Whole House System That Unifies Every Room
Flexible and customizable, Henrybuilt systems are integrated solutions that elevate living spaces.
Back StoriedWithout altering its turn-of-the-20th-century facade, architect Christopher Polly transformed the rear of...
"Borrowing from Dieter Rams’s mantra of ‘as little design as possible,’ my own philosophy could be informally described...
“We like to live close to work because we’re constantly tinkering and adjusting, which is fine for us,” he says.
Opening the kitchen to outdoor spaces, a new window with floating shelves for storage looks out into the front yard.
The new patio space is used as a semi-enclosed yard, allowing for privacy within a comfortable, urban space.
Rocha replaced unsightly carpeting in the master bedroom with yellow ochre hydraulic tiles that harmonize with the...
The kitchen island is a mahogany museum display case containing the clients’ inherited snuff-box collection.
Cambrian black granite countertops were installed in the kitchen.

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