Collection by Melissa Abel

Artist Gianluca Girini Asks People to Draw a Bicycle from Memory and Renders the Results.


Turns out, most of us can't draw a bycicle from memory! In 2009 designer Gianluca Gimini started asking friends and strangers to draw a men’s bicycle from memory. While some got it right, most made technical errors — missing fundaments parts of the frame or chain.The exercise is similar to a previous psychological tests used to demonstrate how little we know compared to what we think we do. However, for Gimini this isn’t about proving how dumb we are but, rather, how extraordinary our imaginations can be! Having now amassed a collection of 376 drawings from participants ranging from 3 – 88 years of age, Gimini has started building realistic renderings of the bikes based on these sketches, in a 3D program

Fun facts about the project: Some diversities are gender driven.
Some stats about the project: total number of collected bicycles: 376 youngest participant: 3 y.o. oldest participant:...
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