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Located in the bungalow, the master bedroom was updated.
Actress Lena Headey (with her mother, Susan) worked with builder Ted Broden to give her 1950s house an open feel.
To make the interior of their 12-foot-wide Brooklyn home feel larger, designers Ed Parker and Barbara Tutino Parker...
Large tables, modern plywood chairs, and neutral tones offset the white and brick to make a comfortable open space to...
How to Update a Midcentury Modern Gem
Midcentury completists score the ultimate catch: a 1959 post-and-beam fixer-upper in which to showcase their sprawling collection.
Big on Broadway, Small on Space: Inside the Studio of Actor Adam Kantor
Performer Adam Kantor shares how transforming pieces by Resource Furniture allow him to live large, even in 350 square feet.
The penthouse apartment features Parachute bedding, towels, and linens.
Custom displays were crafted for the new location by Spartan Shop favorite furniture maker De Jong & Co., an...
Artwork also figures prominently in Spartan Shop's assortment. Hanging over a custom nook by De Jong & Co. is a...
A pair of floating nightstands in the master bedroom are by Børge Mogensen; the sconces are by Kurt Versen and came...
Russian-based studio Ruetemple conjured a plywood partition that separates working and relaxation areas inside this...
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