Flatiron 2.1

Luxurious handcrafted materials along with best-in-class European audio components combine to create a big room audio listening experience unlike any other. Designed for large spaces, the main speaker drivers of the top cabinet are angled at a perfect 120º providing optimal sound dispersion and the bottom cabinet features a dedicated subwoofer to fill out the bass. All powered by a prodigious 400 watts of low distortion amplification… let the party begin!

The Flatiron 2.1 can be styled in our online Emporium featuring a LIVE PREVIEW of all 456 design configurations working with 12 Body Colors (10 semi-gloss enamel paint colors + 2 hardwoods), 12 Panel Colors (10 semi-gloss enamel paint colors + 2 hardwoods), 3 Grill Pattern Styles (Rising Sun, Panama Weave or Halftone Dots), 3 Grill Metals (Brass, Stainless Steel or Brushed Aluminum).


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