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Using texture to transform

Architect Indra Janda hand-cut sheets of polycarbonate into 15¾-inch square shingles and clad the entire timber...
The lattice shell was hewn from silver fir sourced from a nearby forest. Eternit shingles clad the roof.
A cedar-slat rain screen hangs on the facade of Denis Carpenter’s concrete house in Jersey City, softening its...
The Victorian ash siding keeps this Australian bungalow courtyard cool in warm temperatures.
Designed in 1960, the house was originally a lodge to accommodate horse trails.
Adjaye cut a gap straight through the roof and facade.
Since Copenhagen is generally cold, the house was painted black to trap warmth.
The Baumann family residence in Gowanus, Brooklyn, is all geometry up front, with a rectilinear grid of steel and...
Claire and Ken Stevens approached architect Ko Wibowo to create a modern addition to their 1970s home in Tacoma,...
The exterior is clad in eastern hemlock.
The front of the house was originally a storefront, with large windows overlooking the street.