Collection by Tammy Vinson

Exterior Concepts


“The sun never knew how great it was until it struck the side of a building.” - Louis Kahn

Villa Oscar is a typical example of a Smedshammar + Holmberg private commission, where a wooden frame is used to...
The Melbourne Home of Kim Victoria Wearne and Stuart Beer via the Design Files.
Gesner’s house for John Scantlin,1965, highlighting the structure of the single ridge beam, and its lateral rib-like...
The house’s slatted, anodized aluminum canopies and indoor-outdoor spaces flow into one another.
Bivak pod...
When renovating a house in McAllen, Texas, for his brother-in-law’s family, architect Luis López designed an overhang...
The large deck was falling apart when the Pfeiffers moved in, necessitating a serious overhaul of the lower level.
A large rectangular cut in the back wall of the house creates views from the entrance through a courtyard to the trees...
A 1,600-square-foot in-law unit in Sonoma, California, has two bedrooms and two baths for its 87-year-old resident,...
Dotted by potted plants and lined with a simple iron gate, Casa Tuscania’s back patio aims to exist harmoniously with...
Photograph by Matthew Millman from West Coast Modern by Zahid Sardar, reprint permission by Gibbs Smith Publisher.
The lattice shell was hewn from silver fir sourced from a nearby forest. Eternit shingles clad the roof.
This São Paulo jungle oasis by Studio MK27 was chosen for the completed residential category.
A. Quincy Jones, Sidney F. and Frances Brody House, Los Angeles, California, 1948-51. Photograph by Jason Schmidt, 2012.
A. Quincy Jones and Frederick E. Emmons, Architects. Milton S. Tyre House, Los Angeles, California, 1951-54.
Here's the cover image in all its glory.
After months spent researching solutions to make her home’s fabric roof functional, Lisa Sette can finally relax.

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