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Dwell 20th Anniversary


In celebration of Dwell's 20 years of design coverage, we reflect on the brightest road markers from our print archives with responses to where things now stand in 2020.

Is a Sustainable Suburbia Still Possible Post-Pandemic?
In 2010, Dwell took a look at four radical plans to reshape and retrofit spaces outside of our cities.
How Will Architecture Merge the Digital and Physical Worlds?
Artificial intelligence is not only changing how we design buildings—it’s also influencing how buildings shape our behavior.
How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Change the Way We Eat?
Over the past 10 years, the troubling realities of the food supply chain became apparent.
What Happens to Cities When We Are Free to Roam?
Despite lockdowns and quarantines brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, the question of how to shape public space has never...
Whatever Happened to the Ecohouse?
First profiled a decade ago, we checked back in with the adventurous architect of Biosphere 2 and his plans for his massive,...
How Can Higher Education Build a Better Architect?
In the 2010s, design-build programs were the cutting edge of architectural education.
Can Co-Living Survive in a Socially Distanced Future?
Over the past decade, soaring rents and urban loneliness have been driving people to live closer together.
The Shipping Muse
Shipping containers are ubiquitous in Houston, though unlike the four that make up this new home, they’re usually filled with...
Let’s Be Frank
“I am not interested in vernacular to be sentimental.
Halving It All
David Sarti’s little red house in Seattle’s sleepy Central District proves that a bit of land, ambition, and carpentry know-how...
Inspecting Gadgets
These days, a growing number of gizmos contain both a cell phone and a PDA.
We Dream of Prefabs
...and wake up, every so often, to a project that fulfills the potential of mass-produced housing.
What if Green Design Were Just Good Design?
Green design should have won 30 years ago.
The Lofting of America
It seems that everyone is vying for a bit of exposed brickwork.
The Fruit Bowl Manifesto
First published in the premier issue of Dwell Magazine (October 2000), “The Fruit Bowl Manifesto” articulates our vision of what...