Collection by Aaron Britt

Don Hisaka's Cleveland Years


Berkeley, California-based architect Don Hisaka is getting the royal treatment in Cleveland these days with an exhibit of his Ohioan work of the 60s, 70s, and 80s in the show Don Hisaka: The Cleveland Years on at the Cleveland Artists Foundation. Though Hisaka has moved on to work in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and finally Berkeley, many of his most loved projects are in Ohio, where his work ranged from residences to educational structures to commercial spaces. If you get the chance, do stop in to see the exhibition wich runs through May 21st. Or if you can't make it, check out this slideshow. All photos are courtesy of Thom Abel, Don Hisaka, and the Cleveland Artists Foundation.

The Gund Summer Residence in Peninsula, OH, was built in 1965.
Boxy white volumes with plenty of glass are the order of the day, with a winding courtyard and a ramp down to the...
The living room of the Gund house is a large, open space whose biggest architectural move is a curving staircase.
Though he didn't describe himself as terribly religious, Hisaka did find a kind of numinous abstraction worked well for...
For all of its Brutalist tendencies, one of the main elements of the Mulford Health Science Library at the University...
The library inside offers both order and color.
The courtyard of Hisaka's home in Shaker Heights, OH, is awfully dramatic.
This view from the upper floor of Hisaka's own Shaker Heights, OH, home from 1965 shows how he used design elements...
Hisaka designed this office for the Swink Advertising Agency in Marion, OH. The building was completed in 1980 and...
Once we move inside the Swink Agency to the lobby, we see that some very groovy action indeed.
The lobby of the Mansfield Art Center in Mansfield, OH, from 1971 is all about geometry.