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Destination of the Week: Istanbul


As writer Shonquis Moreno put it, after traveling to Turkey’s most cosmopolitan city for the first annual Istanbul Design Biennial, "Istanbul is a city of chaos, improvisation, and irony, where a canon of calls-to-prayer ripples through a secular republic five times a day. Megaprojects born of an unsustainably strong economy rule the day: The city is carving a 30-mile canal—a second Bosporus—from the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara and a cross-continental metro tunnel, from Europe to Asia, beneath the strait." Today, a modern heart beats within its ancient walls. Here, a compilation of Dwell's favorite finds in the city that bridges—both literally and figuratively—Europe and Asia.

Here is the view from the Galata Tower in Istanbul, looking down on the Galata bridge and some of the prettiest...
Inside the tumbling cubes of the REX-designed Vakko Headquarters and Power Media Center, the Vitali Hakko Creative...
Seyhan Özdemir founded the design firm Autoban with Sefer Çağlar in 2003, eight years after they met, at age 20, at...
With their east-meets-west twist on mid-century classics, the duo behind Autoban has jump-started their hometown’s...
Georges Hotel Galata is a one-year-old hotel features a popular bar where expats and locals gather.
Museum, gallery, and exhibition space Salt doesn’t just archive art and design; it makes them.
The Ataturk Cultural Center, located in the busy Taksim Square, is home to the opera and many state-sponsored music and...
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