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Design in Uniform at CCA


The degree to which modernist design came to the fore of Western life—both aesthetically, in its reliance on mechanized production—at mid-century had everything to do with World War II. As much a military battle as a race to outproduce the enemy, the actual manufacture of objects would never be the same. After five years in the works, Design in Uniform at the Canadian Centre for Architecture gives us a glimpse of the design that went into the war effort and what effect it had on the rest of the century. The show opens next week at the CCA in Montreal and will travel after that. Be sure to check it out if you're north of the border: It runs April 13 through September 18th. Or if you can't make it, check out this slideshow of images.

In addition to the show, the CCA is also putting out this monograph by curator and NYU history of architecture...
scan from BW...
This Japanese infographic describes what to do in the event of an air raid.
Here we see the drafting room at the Ford Motor bomber factory in Willow Run, Michigan, in 1942.
Long before Michelle Obama was doing it, citizens on the homefront were exhorted to plant victory gardens.
This German poster draws a parallel between the first and second World Wars, presumably to encourage Germany on to...

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