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Deconstructed 1


My current works in the"Deconstructed series" are mixed media paintings that are based on abstracted urban landscapes that reference my long involvement in fashion and textiles. I rip and cut and re-assemble painted textile into compositions that explore the relationships between shapes, where loose threads and torn edges find new meaning as expressive line. The series explores the addition of painterly mark-making and graphic elements within a collage surface using American, French and Japanese vintage dress patterns.

The series takes on a somewhat cubist approach of representing all sides of an object through alluding to the pattern or plan which the object is first created. I invite the viewer to consider the relationships between the elements assisted by graphical prompts. The paintings can also be read as aerial views of urban development where space is compressed and the viewer's navigation between structures are either prompted or impeded.

Chelsea No. 6 48" x 48" Acrylic and textile on canvas.
Chelsea No. 5 Acrylic and textile 48" x...
Untitled No. 2 48" x 36" Acrylic, textile and vintage French dress...
30 Montainge 36" x 36" Textile, acrylic and vintage dress patterns on canvas.
Deconstructed No. 12 36"x 36" Textile, acrylic and vintage dress patterns on canvas.