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Water Sports
Energy-smart technology makes managing a Sausalito floating home easy, even from 6,000 miles away.
A Home's High Ceilings Are Responsible for Some Impressive Views
An architect with a taste for unconventional living spaces creates a small house at lofty heights with a starring view.
One-of-a-Kind Furniture Fills This Delightfully Serene Buenos Aires Home
With a design philosophy—and materials—passed down from a renowned Argentine architect, a couple builds a custom family home in...
The Right Track
With nearly a half century of architectural experience, Peter Cohen designed this ingenious spine-and-module home for him and his...
A Compact Three-Story Brick Loft in San Francisco
Making the most of vertical space unleashes the potential of a petite San Francisco project.
Though the front of this 1880s home in Adelaide, Australia, maintains a traditional facade due to strict heritage laws,...
Contemporary Nordic Town House
With their light, white house that owes equal debts to its Nordic surroundings and to the Japanese provenance of its architects,...
Bernstein specified sequenced walnut veneers in the kitchen and dining area and counters from Caesarstone.
To reinforce a streamlined aesthetic, materials move from the inside out and from room to room.
Ultramar is the largest apartment in the building with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
How a Smart Interior Design Saved This House
An intervention from a clever interior designer spares an old beach house on Fire Island, New York, from demolition.
Its timber shiplap cladding tops a concrete blockwork base.
When an existing living room was transformed into a master suite, Nest tapped Mason Cabinets to create a bespoke...
On the back facade, cement render and black-painted steel update the existing terra-cotta roof tiles.
The house is located on a tight site surrounded by a brick wall.
Using lami­nates trimmed in Victorian ash for the island cut costs.
The landscape designer Garrett Eckbo created this garden in his backyard at the behest of the Aluminum Company of...
Connect 5 House Floor Plan: A Kitchen / B Dining Room / C Living Room / D Master Bedroom / E Bathroom / F Bedroom / G...
David Rowland stacking chairs join a 1970s Italian glass-and-steel table in the dining room.
The deck offers views and a quiet spot for outdoor dining.

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