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Cutting-Edge Knife Requires Sharpening Once Every 25 Years


Since the purpose of a chef’s knife hasn’t changed much in the last century, the design hasn’t really evolved either. Still, one given flaw is that almost all knives, with any amount of use, eventually require sharpening. That means home cooks will either make do with a dull knife, try to sharpen it themselves with a stone, or find a professional to rehabilitate the blade. Furtif manufactures its knives from a sophisticated material that requires sharpening once every 25 years. Available for $138.

The blades on the Furtif Evercut series are made from titanium-carbide that’s been laser-bonded.
The word “furtif” roughly translates to “stealth” in English, which explains the range’s B-2 Stealth Bomber matte black...
Though the design is radical and modern, the Furtif knives are made by a family company that has been in the business...
Each individual knife comes with a serial number, so consumers can register their purchase to capitalize on the...
If $138 (or $78 for a paring knife) isn’t ideal, you can just as easily spend far less on a solid 8-inch chef’s...
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