Collection by Megan Hamaker

Curtain Call: 8 Unique and Beautiful Uses for Curtains in the Home


Everyone knows that window treatments can make or break a room but the windows are not the only place to use curtains in a home. Here, we take a look at some great examples of unique uses for curtains as well as a couple traditional uses that really do their job.

A Rais Pina wood-burning stove keeps things cozy on the West Elm Henry sofa and Eames lounge chairs.
To make the bedroom seem ethereal—and far larger than its 12-by-12 dimensions suggest—Pratt designed a curtain that...
Checking email over coffee, Hughston places his laptop on the fold-down Formica table that Sanders designed.
When residents want privacy (from the outside world or from other family members), sliding curtains, like this one...
Weinfeld’s cinematic streak is also evident in the home’s interiors: he designed the entertainment center in the media...
A palette of soothing hues creates a calm mood in the bedroom.
Two layers of aluminum woven-coil drapes hang outside the large, south-facing windows above the living area.