Collection by Eujin Rhee

Cool Airstreams


Renovated, updated: These aren't your grandpa's airstream trailers. We've rounded up eight of the coolest Airstreams around for your viewing pleasure. And while you're at it, take a peep at seven more Airstreams here!

A neon textile-covered trailer sits in Marfa, Texas' El Cosmico. Via simply photo.
If Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama designed the interior of an Airstream trailer. Via The Airstream Dream.
Designed by SF-based artist Jay Nelson, the Golden Gate is a modern electric camper car made with fiberglass, epoxy...
Nope, that's not a writing board, it's the steering wheel.
With a last minute deadline, architect Burton Baldridge transformed a decaying trailer into a modern green home for...
Say cheese! Via airstream-motorhome.
Holy kitsch! The interior of this 1964 Jackson Caravelle is 16 feet and 9 inches full of red marbly, patterned glamor.
About a mile from the Pacific Ocean on a tropical fruit farm lies Julie Montgomery's (seen here) renovated Airstream...
And just for a little trailer nostalgia—Buckminster Fuller's highly innovative and influential 1934 Dymaxion concept...