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Environs created by using Freight Containers

This Awesome Shipping Container Home Can Be Yours For $125K
This portable dwelling, made of two shipping containers, is ready for its next move.
The two ends of the containers can be opened or closed at this pivot for more or less privacy.
Shipping Containers Turn Affordable Homes
Using shipping containers to create affordable housing is an emerging trend.
The Shipping Muse
Shipping containers are ubiquitous in Houston, though unlike the four that make up this new home, they're usually filled with...
CLA uses the proliferating idea of modified shipping containers, but builds upon and augments the standard 40’ x 8’ x...
Moseley notes the home’s distinctive staircase as one of her favorite features.
The shipping containers were stacked, joined with steel tubes, and lashed to reinforced floor joints to make them...
The guest quarters in the shipping container behind the main house is one of the Freeman's favorite places.
Atelier Riri devised creative ways to make living inside a shipping container in Indonesia’s tropical climate both...
Solar panels mounted on a shipping container onsite (not pictured) heat this curvy house in Tasmania.
Hartman Kable designed the Surfshack to include loads of built-in, fold-down furniture to keep the 160-square-foot...
Purchasing a lot off the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, Martha Moseley and Bill Mathesius adapted an unused concrete...
Sliding bamboo panels on the west side of the house can be adjusted to provide shade during the later part of the day.
Tribeca Manufacturing...
CG Architectes stacks two containers perpendicularly for this Brittany, France, house.
The couple connected several of the shipping containers, hollowing out the sides to form large, open living areas.
Shoup built a connector between the shipping containers and covered it with salvaged redwood.
Freeman and Feldmann's two dogs, Arnold and Ruti (short for Rutabaga), have claimed their territory as the space...
The term “resourcefulness” may embody just what Ex-Container aims to provide for families in need: this project takes...

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