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Casas Rusticas

Architect Alfredo Vanotti sourced the home's stone exterior from the woods behind the property.
Views of the Orobie Alps can be seen from the home’s windows, which also feature larch frames.
As per the owner's request, the second floor’s open landing receives ample sunlight.
The stairs are made of iron, which was coated with white paint from San Marco.
A pair of matching Idea lights by Vesoi over a dining room table and chairs, both locally-made.
The ground floor is comprised of a living room, kitchen, and bathroom that are all detailed with larch wood.
“The inside is, for the most part, concentrated on the local craftsmanship, because I believe it is very important,”...
Reinforced concrete stands behind the stone facade to provide insulation.
The positioning of the home’s roof allowed for a double-height, north-facing wall with four matching windows and an...