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Cabin inspiration

The study faces the pool area.
Architectural designer Sebastian Mariscal and project manager Jeff Svitak created a house in Venice, California, for...
The architects designed the steel-frame doors and windows, which were fabricated by Takeuchi Kozai.
The wood flooring throughout the home is by Kodama.
The front of the house just after completion, before the landscape grew in.
Loewinger’s three-bedroom Russian River house was constructed in a year with the combined efforts of Loewinger,...
German architecture firm Beer Bembé Dellinger designed this vacation getaway in Bayrischzell, Bavaria, for a couple...
The sitting area and office are on the second floor, reached via the catwalk.
Six Concrete Boxes Make a Jaw-Dropping Martha's Vineyard Home
Despite being set in concrete, an idyllic modular retreat is built to go with the flow.
Large windows and sliding doors with maximal operability are placed throughout, including the master bedroom, where...
A Frank sofa and chaise by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia furnish the main living space.
“We could lift up very easily the walls, the fittings, the shelves, the light fixtures, everything.
Large, dramatic openings bring transparency and contrast to the 10-inch-thick concrete facade, framing perspectival...
Six modular, concrete boxes comprise a five-bedroom home on Martha’s Vineyard, in Chilmark, Massachusetts.
The cabins are made up of two layers of wood construction.