Collection by Rachel McRee Kaufman

Built-ins everywhere!

A sofa from Design Within Reach opposes a Hi Turn chair by Bensen in the living room.
The picture wall is adorned with images collected from family, colleagues, and estate sales.
A hallway ends in a built-in bookshelf and a banquette backed with brass.
Alex enjoys a sun-filled breakfast at the built-in dining table and bench, one of many space-saving designs.
The dining room leads onto a terrace with a built-in concrete table and barbecue that are original to Raman and...
Responding to restrictions set by local planning authorities, the architects lowered the library’s floor level to...
Robert's sketches and artwork in drawers built into the sofa.
Trowbridge leads the way to the geometric fire pit with built-in benches, the ideal spot for an evening cocktail or...
A wall of built-in shelving runs the length of the space, providing ample room for the residents' book collection.
Due to zoning restrictions, the house's footprint had to be relatively small, so Svensen devised a solution: split...
Elsewhere, the blocks accommodate other uses, like support for a built-in table and benches in the kitchen and a...

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