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Bruce Bolander on Kitchen Design


Architect Bruce Bolander designs houses with, generally, very awesome kitchens. He's not afraid of color, and likes to clad his clients' cabinets with laminate in bright and electric hues. "My own bias is toward bolder cool colors," he says. "I always let my clients know that right away. But just because red isn’t my favorite color doesn’t mean they can’t have a red kitchen. Either way, I try to have a fairly uniform and limited palette of color and material in the kitchen. Kitchens tend to gather so much clutter and I find that starting off with clean and simple helps when the clutter occurs." Here, we've gathered together some of our favorite of Bolander's kitchen designs, both bold and more muted, and asked him to tell us a bit about each project. If you like what you see, come see Bolander speak in Los Angeles at Dwell on Design on June 25th on the Design Innovation Stage.

The surrounding, rolling landscape of this Malibu home influenced designer Bruce Bolander’s use of green on the...
"We wanted a strong connection to the outdoors. This is a cliché and every project in L.A. talks about that connection,...
"The budget on this house was small so the appliances actually came out of another project that we did for a pretty...
"The Gartner House is in Venice and as this photo indicates, it's on the canals.
Bolander strikes again in this house on the Venice canals in California.
"The Carter House is in Mandeville Canyon in Los Angeles and is a kitchen for an avid cook.
"Besides being designed for entertaining large numbers, it is also part of the main space of the house where the couple...
"The Collier house is located in Newport Beach and is for a couple with two kids.
"The kitchen is laminate with Corian and the appliances are Viking because the colors Viking offered worked with the...
"They asked that the house be able to be hosed out.

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