Collection by Eujin Rhee

Branding and Design by Tatabi Studio


Thanks to the multi-talented trio behind Tatabi Studio—an independent graphic and web design studio based in Dublin, Ireland—things are looking a little more brighter, cleaner, and delightful.

Tatabi Studio, helmed by Elena Sancho, Humberto Van Huten, and Rafa Leal, created the branding identity for Muyum, a...
Commissioned by RBA Architects, Tatabi developed the branding, stationary, and web design.
Website design for RBA.
Branding, editorial and web design for Spanish cosmetics atelier Attariat.
Website design for Attariat.
Charming icons and graphics for Attariat.
The Enkaja Bottle allows you to mix different ingredients to create a unique cocktail.
Each bottle is comprised of smaller bottles with a bottom plug and top cap to enable each section to be attached to one...
The Enkaja's open product cardboard packaging.
A periodical table-inspired flavor chart.
Muyum is a Tatabi Studio project that encourages children to consume healthy foods.
For cosmetics company CO/CO, Tatabi created the branding and packaging design.
Tatabi's latest venture into fashion—visualizing the branding, editorial, and web design for Mamukko, a creative...
Mamukko's website design by Tatabi Studio.

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