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Book a Stay in This 3D-Printed Tiny House


In Amsterdam, DUS Architects create a recyclable urban retreat.

The architects used a number of different geometric designs on the facade to showcase the variety that can be achieved...
According to DUS Architects, the Urban Cabin is an example of tiny dwellings addressing large housing issues.
A pebble path echoes the patterns of the printed cells and the concrete that fills them.
The Urban Cabin is a research project for DUS's larger-scale investigations into 3D-printed architecture.
A detail of the concrete-filled printed structure.
A small porch offers a perch for enjoying the micro park.
Concrete was used to stabilize the structure and provide a durable flooring surface.
The architects see 3D printing as a way to address housing shortages and to provide emergency housing in case of...
Just like smaller-scale printing projects, DUS's extra-large designs are created by depositing a material layer by...
The textured surface reveals the 3D-printing technique.
The structure has just enough space for a single bed, which folds into a couch when not in use.
In an industrial stretch of Amsterdam, Dus Architects created Urban Cabin, a micro-dwelling that's completely 3D...
DUS Architects has made investigating on-demand custom housing solutions a primary concern.
To rent the cabin for a short stay, intrepid guests can contact Dus Architects at...
The Urban Cabin sits within a pocket park complete with poplar trees designed by Delva Landscape and Boomkwekerij Ebben.
The structure clocks in at just under 90 square feet, and is made entirely of bioplastic.
The Urban Cabin includes a sofa that doubles as a twin bed, a small porch and amble glazing.
The project is a bit of a preview of the firm's full-size 3D-Print Canal House, which Dus Architects announced in 2013.
The site also includes a sculptural bathtub set outside the house—3D printed, of course.
A 3D-printed bathtub with a Vola spout sits within the pocket park.
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