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The self-initiated concept of Blank Box came from our observations on vacant land in Philadelphia. Having seen the ill-effects of crime in vacant lots in neighborhoods around the city, we sought to find a way to activate the land, rather than just beautify it, patrol it, or ignore it. Our hypothesis was that if we could provide programs out of these unused spaces we could make neighborhoods safer.

Our idea for activating vacant land was chosen to participate in the Fast FWD Incubator with GoodCompany Ventures, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, and City of Philadelphia.
As we discussed how to enact programs, we explored partnerships using city-owned land and corporate sponsors. To house the programs we began designing an adaptable structure that would be able to support various functions.

The blank box is built around a system of plug and play parts that offer customization for each prospective tenant whether it is an art box, health box, tech box or farm box.

In association with the Little Music Studio and a Knight Foundation grant, we seek to create multiple blank boxes customized for music performance.

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