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The family's love of surfing was a main inspiration for the space.
A short road leads to Maramaratotara Bay.
Timber battens were used on north-facing windows to prevent excessive heat in the summer.
The spacious detached garage stows a bevy of kayaks and inner tubes, not to mention the family car.
The couple, both surfers and beach lovers, wake up to stunning views of the azure-blue Southern Ocean in their...
Made from white aluminum and oiled teak, the wooden sun loungers are from Viteo’s Pure collection.
The master-bedroom addition juts forth like a prow of a ship.
The three structures that make up the James-Robertson residence are framed in black-coated aluminum and steel.
The city, located on the country's eastern coast, is known for its world-class surfing. Photo by Rory Gardiner.
This boutique hotel on Norway's Manshausen Island is made up of four sea cabins—one of which juts out from a natural...
Stinessen placed each cabin carefully in order to ensure the best possible views and the right amount of privacy.
Cedar slats help this Ontario lake house float soundly atop still waters.
The trio walks down to the beach via the strand.
Jacobson stands on the strand, trailed by Lee and McConnell. His house is just up the street behind them.
Joined by architect Michael Lee and friend Gus McConnell, Jacobson shouts up to Dukes that they’re headed out for an...
“There is a lot of glass so you can enjoy the view and the outdoor lifestyle even inside,” Henrik explains.