Collection by Emma Marsano

Architecture: Then and Now


These four pairs of modern dwellings and their past counterparts explore the evolution of architectural styles through the ages.

When settlers first made their homes on the prairies of North America, the sod house was the prevalent form of...
Architect Konieczny lifted the existing ground and wrapped it around the roof and exterior rooftop staircase,...
Traditional Inuit culture involved cutting blocks of snow to build igloos, which held in body heat to combat the frigid...
Who hasn't wanted to sleep inside an igloo? A modified take on the original ice version shows up in Finland—reportedly...
In the early 20th century, trading barges like this one were in common use in the Netherlands.
The couple plan to add a kitchen garden to the platform just below the terrace that connects to the kitchen.
Taos Pueblo in Taos, New Mexico, has been the home of a Native American community for over 700 years.
Governed by Roger Downey's strict mandate for minimalism, architect Efthimios Maniatis was able to craft eco-friendly...

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