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Architecture Spotlight #51 | Relationship by Color in Space | Seattle, WA


We perceive color as light reflected back to us. Color Theory, developed by Physicist Sir Isaac Newton, provides an explanation as to why our perception of architectural color fluctuates so much. Metamerism and chromatic shift both describe color theory in action. Architectural color is not static. It fluctuates and changes in response to light, but even more importantly, in relationship to other colors. This is what color theory explains and can even predict. Complementary colors (colors that complete the spectrum of light, like complementary angles in geometry) explain the divine order of color relationships and how they advance to find each other. Color in Space Inc.’s mission is to educate about architectural color and to allow us to use it most effectively in accordance with the divine plan that science and color theory have recognized. Mother Nature creates some of the most beautiful color designs, which we experience as nurturing and healing. Color in Space uses and explains these natural principles to create exquisite color designs that complement and express the intention of the architecture and homeowner. Who knows, if all architectural color was approached with this intention, perhaps the enhanced energetic relationship of the colors could heal the’s all about it feels...complements...light.

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