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Architecture Spotlight #24 | Open & Reflective Space by Dupuis Design | San Clemente, CA

A look at "Open & Reflective Space" by interior designer Peggy Dupuis in San Clemente, California. Peggy Dupuis, the designer of Dupuis Design, was born in the Philippines and raised in California, in a family of Asian art collectors. After spending 5 years in Hong Kong in textile design, her total passion for architecture and design took hold, in areas as varied as management of interior design projects, identification and renovation of period furniture, tapestry work, waxed concrete finishes, decorative plasterwork, and also reflection on Feng Shui art, as applied to the contemporary home… DUPUIS DESIGN Dupuis Design’s objective is to design the layout, decoration and furnishing of high-quality spaces. Whether dealing with private residences, well-being centers, spas or boutique hotels, our ambition is always to combine comfort and functionality, energy and novelty, while remaining true to the spirit which makes each place unique. Based in Paris and California, Dupuis Design accompanies its clients internationally, either through regular site presence, or through remote management of suppliers and contractors.

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