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architectural models


a collection of intriguing models across many architectural styles

CLAUDE PARENT, Maison Drusch, Versailles, 1963-1966.
PASCAL HÄUSERMANN, Église à Mulhouse, model, c. 1971.
Toyo Ito, Aluminium House, 1970-1971.
TADAO ANDO Church on the Water, Hokkaido, Japan, c. 1985-89.
MARIO BOTTA, House, Breganoza, Switzerland, Mauro Mauri model maker, c. 1984.
IONEL SCHEIN, cabine hôtelière mobile, c. 1957.
JOHN HEJDUK, Bernstein House Project, c. 1968.
Coop Himmelb(l)au, maquette Bois, plastique, plexiglas, métal, peinture, mousse synthétique, polystyrène, Villa Rosa,...
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