Arbol CDMX


A grand gift, a tree of light and good wishes is the present that Mexico City gave for Christmas of 2014 for its citizens in this monumental space where locals and visitors greet. The city wanted, with this magnificent gesture not only to reward, but to bring together everybody with joy in a colorful and lighted space ideal for coexistence.

The Árbol CDMX is an installation very different from anything that has been done to celebrate the winter holidays. It is important to note that it is a concept that was thought, developed and produced in Mexico by a group of Mexican creatives. This piece is very different from the regular Christmas trees; it is a cube that symbolizes the gift box with enormous windows with the shape of this iconic figure of the “season to be jolly.”

For the creative team, formed by architect Miguel de la Torre and designer Jorge Cejudo, this grand tree is not for contemplation, it invites the visitors to enter and live a unique experience through light, audio and video show. During the day the visitors enjoyed a Christmas night, festive and full of light in its interior. When the sun went down this huge gift box is covered with interactive light in the four sides, increasing its visibility and emulating a light house that invites all the historic center walkers to join together in this space. At the end of the day show the visitors experience a symbolic and very attractive artificial snowfall encompassed by music and light.

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