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An Incredible Home Inside a 1950s Gas Station


The Berlin-based publication Freunde von Freunden visited gallerist Juerg Judin at his home, a converted gas station in Schöneberg. We share a few images of the amazing structure here.

Make sure to catch the full interview at FvF.

Judin was fascinated by the abandoned gas station ever since he first discovered it in 1992.
"I wanted to preserve the canopy, the sales space, the garage door, everything," Judin tells FvF.
"When I was furnishing the place, I made sure it’d also be a good place for art," Judin tells FvF.
"It’s a true luxury to have a house with a garden in the middle of the city.
When he moved in, Judin noticed that his existing furniture fit right into the new space—many pieces are also from the...
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