Collection by Marianne Colahan

Amazing Textiles Explore the Sense of Touch


Five years ago, Emily Fischer launched a startup studio called Haptic Lab that designs and creates products that explore the sense of touch, including handmade kites and intricately stitched quilts. In celebration of the Brooklyn-based studio’s fifth anniversary this month, Dwell talked with Fischer about the inspiration behind her designs.

Haptic Lab is comprised of a small group of artisans and designers.
At first glance, Haptic Lab’s City Map Quilts looks like an expanse of soft white.
The above image shows a close-up of the planning that goes into a City Map Quilt.
Fischer and Haptic Lab also create kites, from classic diamond-shaped kites with a patchwork tail, to innovative...
Haptic Lab continues to expand its offerings, including its new coastal quilt series, which will feature even more...