Collection by Luxxbox

Agile Thought Boards


Modern offices demand collaborative furniture to be agile, available whenever inspiration hits. Luxxbox's range of Agile Thought Boards are designed for these light bulb moments. The collection consists of three products: Thought Boards, Wedge, and Wedge Thought Boards.

If only walls could think? Thought Walls are flexible, multi-panel forms that can be manipulated to form many different...
Designed to meet the demand for flexible and collaborative workspaces, Thought Walls are connected by multi-directional...
With the addition of the sound absorbency panel, the Wedge Thought Board can also help hush open-plan spaces, creating...
Wedge Thought Boards - available when inspiration strikes.
Wedge Thought Board forms part of the Wedge Whiteboard range.
Wedge has a magnetic board, solid oak pen shelf, colour customisable side panel, high quality double castors for easy...
Wedge is as much a piece of designer furniture as it is a whiteboard.
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