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That Domingos Tótora is a dreamer is reflective in his organic and sometimes compulsive work style. he may begin a design with no final story in mind. As a form evolves, it may tell him the narrative. For example, the Mesa Água originated as three separate pieces, which he randomly positioned for a gallery show. A friend placed a glass top on the objects, and voila! It took on the form of a bubbling brook with sunlight reflecting off water, smooth stones nestled in the riverbed below. Sustainability is the characteristic enabling a system to be indefinitely productive. There may be no artist who demon- strates this concept as wholly as Domingos. his inspiration derives from the curvaceous land of his birth. he sources commodities that many would perceive to have no value. his materials are soil and water plus discarded trash. his methodologies incorporate hand labor. The energy for the process is derived from direct sunlight. The result: card- board repurposed into sensuous and inspirational objects for utility and visual delight at home, in hotels, eateries, and workplace settings around the globe.

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